Dear Potential Sponsor:

Smyrna Youth Football & Cheerleading (SYFC), is a non-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization offering the children of Smyrna and the surrounding communities an opportunity to participate in youth sports. Our goal is to promote the involvement of children in a program that teaches teamwork, sportsmanship, good conduct and healthy morals. Our annual registration averages over two hundred and fifty combined football players and cheerleaders.

Naturally, we always attempt to keep our registration fees to a minimum so that we can provide our activities with the least financial burden to the participating families. However, this is hard to do when our organization has very little buy-in from the community at large. This is why your support is so critical to the kids needs for equipment, uniforms, end of the year celebration and many other league expenses such as referees, leased field time, and facility maintenance.

We provide our player and cheerleader participants a chance to experience teamwork, team building skills with instructional and competitive football and cheer. This is just one of the key fundamentals of our program. Good sportsmanship, sharing and the opportunity to develop long lasting friendships with teammates and coaches are key values we want every child to leave with from our program. So, to make this a reality for our children our overall 2024 goal is to raise $100,000. Broken down as follows:

  • $20,000 Football Equipment$
  • $16,000 Light Towers for practice (rental for 4 months)
  • $8,000 Home game referee expense – ($1,000 each game)
  • $20,000 Uniforms (football & cheer)
  • $20,000 Facility use & maintenance
  • $3,500 Smyrna Seahawks end of the year banquet
  • $2,500 Participation/educational trophies
  • $10,000 Travel expenses

As is true in most situations today, inflation is taking its toll on our organization in the form of higher overall cost for uniforms, equipment, facility use fees, participation fees and overall league upkeep. To ensure the safety of our participants, protective equipment such as helmets, shoulder pads and practice equipment must be replaced on a regular basis. We must generate significant contributions from the community in order to provide such an amazing experience for our participants. The donation you and/or your organization makes towards our goal of $100,000 will bridge the gap and meet expenses to keep SYFC going strong. All of our Board of Directors, Coaches and other member volunteers receive no compensation other than the satisfaction that they are contributing, volunteering and doing good for our kids and community.

Because of the continued rising cost of operating expenses, and because we try to maintain our registration fees to an affordable amount, SYFC relies on the generous support of caring community partners, like you, family and friends of football players and cheerleaders at SYFC. We care deeply about our kids and the community and respectfully ask that you consider becoming a part of our family by supporting our organization. We hope you will help us make these participants dreams come true for the 2024 season and for many years to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of our Board of Directors with any questions you may have. We thank you in advance for your contribution and we will provide you and/or your organization a full receipt for your tax-deductible donation.


Smyrna Youth Football & Cheerleading Board of Directors

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Smyrna Youth Football & Cheerleading is a non- profit organization that plays an important role in our community. Our mission is to offer the youth and their families a wholesome, educational and recreational football and cheerleading program aimed at improving the quality of life and focusing on school, skills, & sportsmanship.

Please join our mission by supporting our organization through making a donation. We depend on individual and corporate donations to keep our local organization strong, pay for our practice & game facilities, help players that are unable to pay to play and to buy equipment.

We hope you will consider giving back and helping our cause.