In order to play on a Smyrna Seahawks Team, the player cannot turn a certain age before July 1st. The age breakdown is listed below:


*If your child is OVER the MAX weight for their age group, he/she will be required to play up in the next division*

5U: ≤ 80 lbs (max weight 105 lbs); the child must turn 5 prior to 12/31 in year of participation. The child may not turn 6 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

6U: ≤ 90 lbs (max weight 115 lbs); the child may not turn 7 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

7U: ≤ 100 lbs (max weight 125 lbs); the child may not turn 8 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

8U: ≤ 110 lbs (max weight 135 lbs); the child may not turn 9 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

9U: ≤ 120 lbs (with no max weight); the child may not turn 10 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

10U: ≤ 130 lbs (with no max weight); the child may not turn 11 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

11/12U: Unlimited weight; the child may not turn 13 prior to 7/1 of year of participation.

The last thing we want to do is to discourage a young player from this great sport by rushing him into contact too fast. For the first three days of practice, there is absolutely no contact. Once the first few days of contact begin in full pads, the coaching staff makes sure to ease all their players into full-contact, utilizing techniques such as performing drills at "half-speed", shortening the distance between contact and ensuring that contact "match-ups" are always with someone of their equal skill, experience and size. We take patience and pride in teaching our players the correct football techniques and maximizing each players safety on the field.
Each age division is required to field one D-1 Team. A D-1 Team represents the Smyrna Youth football in the most competitive division play for the NWGYFL. Often, teams will have a large number of players participating within each age group. When this happens, 2 or more teams are created to accommodate the large number of kids wanting to play. The coaching staff will have to split the players into two teams by the 3rd Sunday in August (or the 4th Sunday in August for the D-2 teams). The D-1 team will field the more experienced athletes for competitive play, while the D-2 team is more of an instructional team, and may also sometimes include players with two or three years experience while developing those young athletes who may require a bit more instruction. D-2 teams play other D-2 teams around the league with their own playoff bracket and their own playoff system. D-1 and D-2 Teams of the same age division will practice together throughout the week, but will have different game schedules on Saturday which may also include different locations from our other teams.
Yes, we do practice in the rain. If practice is canceled due to lightning/flooding we will notify you via e-mail or text message. Please be sure to have your text message alerts enabled on your account.
Teams practice from 6:30-8:30pm unless announced otherwise. Specific days will be announced before the season begins. Make-up practice is scheduled if practice is canceled due to weather. Games are scheduled on Saturday, times vary in each division.
The biggest contributor to the lateness of the game schedule is that the NWGYFL cannot begin formulating the schedule until all nineteen parks have committed to the number of teams they will have in each age group. This does not take place until registration and team certification has closed. We will always do our best to make sure the game schedules and locations are communicated to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience in this process.
Click on the registration tab and it will take you to our registration site.
Registration assistance can be provided at one of our In-Person events (please review our Season at Glance for event details). You will still need to create an account and accept waiver questions via the registration tab if you register in person. Credit Cards accepted online and in-person.
We practice and play our home games at Campbell High School. Please reach out to us via email with any questions during hours outside of normal practice and home game times. Address: 1099 Flemming Street Smyrna, Ga 30080